Private lessons consist of direct 1-on-1 training with the ability to dive deeper into more nuanced developmental content while still allowing for more time with the developmental training tools (HitTrax and Rapsodo) as well as further instruction/analysis.

Single 1/2 Hour Lesson

$501/2 HOUR

Single 1 Hour Lesson


5-Pack Private Lesson

$4005 1/2 HOURS
Contact Alec Crawford for Purchase of 5-Pack Private Lessons(


Semi-Private Lessons consists of 2-4 players in a 60 minute lesson. These lessons are designed to utilize the structure of our off-season training classes so that every player is doing something and actively training the entire 60 minutes.  Groups are to be filled by the players/families themselves and cost is split amongst them.  (Groups are most often comprised of teammates on the same summer team.)

Contact Alec Crawford to Schedule Semi-Private Lessons

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