Alumni Testimonials

Northstar Baseball Club

Ethan Voss, Burnsville ’21

“Northstar’s Complete Pitching Program was some of the most fun I’ve had in a workout environment. But more importantly the development I had was unlike any pitching program out there. Craw, Toby and Jaku are so smart and creative when it comes to development. It’s safe to say they were a big key to unlocking that development and that eventually prepared me to play baseball at the next level.”

Crowder College

Justin Loer, Lakeville South ’21

“Northstar Baseball Club is family to me. I wouldn’t be the player and person I am without the coaches at Northstar. Northstar taught me the important values of hard work and determination that has set me up for a successful college career and having the ability to make an impact my Freshman year. While other clubs may have nicer equipment or cooler facilities, Northstar prepares your for the next level better than any other club around and there’s nothing more valuable than that. The atmosphere in The Cages is unmatched and always welcoming. I can’t thank the staff at Northstar enough for everything they have done for me.”

Xavier University

Tucker Novotny, Park ’21

“Northstar does a very good job of the development of athletes, especially on the pitching side for me. My numbers and feel improved greatly, and the pitching coaches are very easy to work with and trust.”

University of Minnesota

Kristofer Hokenson, St. Louis Park ’22

“Northstar Baseball Club is an amazing opportunity to be a better athlete and a better person. Starting with hitting and pitching programs in the winter, you will gain more knowledge on how your body works and what you need to work on. Northstar Baseball Club helped me more than I could ever imagine and I wouldn’t be here where I’m at today without them.”

University of Minnesota

Jackson Tessman, Park ’22

“EHP helped me go from an above average high school hitter to being a well prepared college hitter the day I stepped on campus. And to be honest I used CPP to stay ready to pitch in high school, but after some mechanical adjustments my velo jumped 4-5 MPH and now I’m a college two way. All the coaches play a huge factor in where I’m at now, they give out a lot of knowledge and help you become a better player but they also like to have fun when it’s not time to work.”

Iowa Central CC

Hunter Frost, Farmington ’22

“Northstar’s pitching program is one of the best pitching developmental programs in the country. The work that Craw, Toby and Jaku do for each any every individual is unmatched, they really want the best for each individual. It was always a very high energy environment and also a lot of fun. Northstar’s program really helped me develop and prepare myself for the next level!”

Iowa Central CC

Christian Mundt, Armstrong ’21

Playing for Northstar was definitely a turning point in my career. The coaching and individual help was something I’ve never experienced before. The is personalization with different drills that fix specific mechanical deficiencies was my biggest takeaway. I always looked forward to being at the cages because we always had a good time while improving on our own game. All of the coaches gave me a new perspective on what it takes to perform at the collegiate level. I wouldn’t be where I am today without these guys.

Northern State University

Bennett McCollow, Jefferson ’21

Northstar Baseball Club is the best place to learn and compete at. The development and friendships there are something you can’t get at other programs. That is due to the great coaching staff at Northstar. Everyone is family there and we all complete against each other to try and become better baseball players everyday. The hitting program really helped me learn the simple fundamentals of hitting and also taught me the mental side of hitting. Northstar’s programs are something that helped me prepare the best for the next level and has helped me tremendously.

North Iowa Area CC